Corporate Challenges

Companies are struggling to construct modern tools and solutions for their customers or user communities, whether public or private. Delivering a rich experience with value to the end customer is the ultimate goal, and that requires a variety of features and functions that allow users to easily gain information, collaborate and interact with other users and the company itself. A social network is one part of the solution. Providing integration to other business systems along with robust management and reporting tools gives our clients powerful insight and intelligence that can make all the difference.

The Solution

Sparta offers a platform to help deliver value to the customer. Whether these customers are members of your User Group, Partners, or simply Customers, they need a continuous pulse to the company, and more importantly, they need to collaborate with other members to build mindshare and provide valuable information as a 'social funnel' back to the company.
Sparta has a simple approach, yet the results are dramatic.

  • Strategy - Determine the perfect solution. No needs are the same, and no solution is the same.
  • Design - Create an experience from the top down using state of the art web technologies and sophisticated data integration to your company's current systems.
  • Construct - With our cutting edge Enterprise Platform we leverage over 100 'Social Business-Friendly' features to structure the system to fit your strategy, and integrate to your relevant internal or external systems.
  • Support - All our systems are hosted in an Enterprise Data Center, and are supported 24/7 with a range of services including systems support, full-time moderation, facilitation, and fulfillment.