Sparta Social Software Demo

Sparta offers personalized demonstrations of our products to qualified companies in the US and Canada.

Sparta's Platform is unique in that it can be implemented in so many ways. With it's sleek design and myriad of features, it is perfect for corporate intranets, universities and non-profits requiring small design changes. With our fast implementation and SaaS option (software-as-a-service), it's an ideal component for a national marketing campaign. It can be seamlessly integrated into an existing website to add a strong community component. Or for something more complicated, the presentation layer is lightweight and can be completely customized into any design desired. And because the platform is portable, it can be placed in environments requiring rigorous internal security.

With so much customization and flexibility, a personalized demo with our senior consultants is a perfect way to discuss and to brainstorm the best ways the Sparta Platform can be implemented to achieve your business success.

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