Having a successful social media presence for your business or brand is much more than just the technology of social networking software. Success is about building engagement and maintaining interaction with your client-base, and these involve expertise in psychology and sociology. Our ‘social success’ consultant team has a combined 50 years of experience in psychology and social engagement to bear on whatever project you have planned.

This is what differentiates Sparta from vendors selling out-of-the-box software.

We’ll help you every step of the way: from developing a customized strategy to monitoring engagement to analyzing the data our software collects. We were applying prinicples of game design to social networks long before the word gamification hit the streets, and we know it is more than adding widgets or leaderboards to your site. Our experts will be listening specifically and deeply to your marketers, and deliver creative solutions to you that are as unique as your business.


Mike Langlois

Early adopter, enterprise social media platform co-founder, psychotherapist; Mike has worn many hats, from therapist to public speaker to corporate consultant for Fortune 500 companies & non-profits. He’s committed to applying principles of play & game design & user psychology to maximize brand engagement. He’s so interested in team-building between the video game industry, consumers & mental health, that he wrote a book about it, called Reset: Video Games & Psychotherapy. You’ll find him presenting at SXSW, PAX East, Harvard University, Boston College, & dozens of other organizations. If you’re looking for an engaging, direct, friendly futurist to help guide your organization into a better & more vital place, he’s your guy.

Susan Giurleo

Dr Susan Giurleo is a counseling psychologist with a background in business development and social media marketing. She has consulted and advised small and medium sized businesses in developing social marketing strategies that are based in sound psychological theory and real life engagement tactics. Her approach results in community engagement with brand messaging and increased client loyalty.