Today's Challenge

Lacking a sustainable mechanism to gain a continuous pulse on attitudes and drive behavior, enterprises are struggling to leverage the collective intelligence of customers to increase revenue, drive business decisions, and affect behavior. Current methods, including focus groups, surveys, contests, blogs, and discussion groups only provide a uni-dimensional, point-in-time view of customer opinions. Driven by market and competitive pressures, enterprises are looking to quickly launch online customer communities but still ensure that business requirements are met now and in the future. IT executives are looking to support business owners' requirements with sustainable, proven architecture that meets corporate standards, scales with demand and ever-evolving requirements, and seamlessly integrates with other enterprise applications and initiatives.

The Solution

With an "Enabled Customer Community," enterprises increase revenue, drive business decisions, and affect change by leveraging the collective intelligence of customers.
You will:

  • Gain sustainable, continuous pulse on attitudes
  • Not just capture but drive and shape behavior, attitude
  • Build sustainable relationships with your customers and among community members
  • Deploy and support a multi-community strategy with the benefits of one infrastructure and central management and administration

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