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The Challenge

Companies want to understand the attitude and sentiment of their customers, and their employees. Quantitative data is important and helps determine usage patterns, demographics, and other vital information to a business. However, qualitative data derived from customer conversation, engagement, and interaction is even more valuable to an organization. Understanding what users are talking about, their sentiment towards a particular product, service, topic or person within a company or network can help in shaping decisions toward products, marketing, service delivery, and other customer relationship matters. The data is recent, relevant, and at a macro or micro level, may provide compelling feedback to a number of departments within the organization. Sparta Insight provides this data through it's reporting and analytics of all the conversation and actions within the network. Understanding sentiment can truly impact the decisions and strategic vision for an organization.


Customers, employees, and other network members converse about the company, a product, a service, perhaps a particular location of a retail establishment. This may be positive or negative, but whatever it may be, it's important to marketing.

Another example of our reporting and analytics, allowing moderators or administrators to search for particular topics within the system to 'follow' their frequency, an important element when a new product is released or other topic becomes relevant.

Of course, Insight offers a myriad of quantitative data for analysis, from demographic rollups to network activity, data is presented in many representations.