CommUnity Map - "Market-smart" services from idea to launch and beyond

Encapsulating best practices from more than 10 years of deploying and supporting social networks, "market-smart" services ensure your business, time-to-market, design, functional, and integration requirements are mapped into your site's implementation and ongoing support plan.

CommUnity Map services follow a proven process to ensure that your site is supported from the beginning of the project through community launch and beyond. CommUnity Map services include:

Community Design

Our design experts bring to the table the latest ideas and leading-edge concepts to ensure your community is "one of a kind" and meets your business requirements. We understand that community design encompasses much more than choosing the right graphics and we incorporate that know-how into every community.

Integration Services

Our integration specialists ensure CommUnity2 integrates with complementary social networking services (e.g., Shopping Cart connected to payment processor of choice, such as Paypal or Linkpoint), existing enterprise applications, and other web service applications.

Community Launch Services

Our launch services focus on getting your community up and running quickly, while keeping your goals on track and in sight.

Support Plan

Launching a community is only one step. Our support plan ensures you have the right mix of support and independence-based on your requirements-from project inception through launch and beyond.


Based on your requirements, Sparta can customize your site with additional features and functions. And only Sparta gives you the freedom to have complete control of your community by enabling you to customize your communities using standard tools.