Enterprise 2.0 Social Networking Architecture

CommUnity Core - Proven, Industry-Standard Architecture

CommUnity CoreTM is CommUnity2's underlying technology platform. It provides the framework from which all Sparta online communities are built. Developed entirely with Java J2EE, CommUnity Core provides the IT organization with an unprecedented level of comfort that your online community will conform to your organization's technology standards and take advantage of an architecture proven in the industry to address the scaling, integration, customization, and security requirements of the enterprise. Only CommUnity Core's Java-based technology meets the ever-evolving scaling demands of online communities now and in the future.

CommUnity ShareTM

Only CommUnity Share enables you to grow your community exponentially by systematically deploying connected, like-minded communities, or unique and separate communities, all with the benefits of one infrastructure and central management and administration. With appropriate permissions, users can search out people in connected communities and become part of a larger "mega-community," virally scaling like no other.

Only CommUnity Share enables you to:

  • Uniquely deploy and support a multi-community strategy insights
  • Centrally set permissions or enable each site to manage users independently
  • Establish a unique URL for each community site
  • Enable and enforce business rules across sites
  • Manage separate communities from one single console
  • Minimize administrative and support costs, lowering total cost of ownership
  • Manage user permissions, approval, and site content at a local level
  • Drive local communities, capture local views, and affect local behavior
  • Aggregate and assimilate localized data in a meaningful way, eliminating "information silos"